Quality Policy

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UTSS is committee to Total Customer Satisfaction




UTSS accomplishes this by:

  • Committing to comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and other applicable requirements
  • Recognizing that quality improvement is a continuous process
  • Providing continuous training for employees in job task skills, safety awareness, quality control and customer requirements
  • Establishing quality improvement objectives and monitoring progress with appropriate performance indicators


Organizational Scope:


UTSS is committed in providing a dedicated, nationwide team of professionals whose #1 priority is to transport, rig, deliver and provide on-time installation, while setting the standard for quality in the Medical Imaging Industry. As a service provider, UTSS does not design anything and therefore excludes itself from any design processes.


Pride, dedication and ownership of our responsibilities has established UTSS as an installation leader, with a fierce reputation for quality and a goal of zero defects and total safety with every installation.