Project Management

Providing high level medical care to patients requires experience and training. Keeping medical equipment installation projects on time and under budget demands a completely different set of skills and knowledge. When you have a medical imaging equipment project, trust the professionals at United Technical Support Services.  


Medical imaging equipment installations are very complex and often require careful coordination and planning with multiple departments. From physical space and power requirements to IT integration and network security, there are many small facets of installations that can derail a project if they are overlooked.


The UTSS team has the knowledge and experience to see the details and properly coordinate projects to allow for smooth, trouble free installations. Our dedication to integrity and quality means that our clients get the outstanding service every time. Project Managers work closely with the key stakeholders to coordinate the installation plans, objectives and time lines, communicating before, during and after installations to ensure an optimal experience. With UTSS Project Managers in the lead, our clients can stay focused on their core missions.


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