Pre-Planning & Layout

United Technical Support Services - UTSS - is your top choice for quality medical installations and rigging nationwide.

While purchasing the proper equipment for your needs is important, making sure your physical space can accommodate the new technology cannot be overlooked. That is where United Technical Support Services can help.


Our team of specialists can assist you in the pre-planning and layout of your physical space to be sure that it meets the requirements of the healthcare equipment and associated apparatus. Having a well-developed and executed plan will minimize delays on equipment installations and staff training, while saving facilities from costly equipment down-times and exams rescheduling.


UTSS team members are highly experienced in coordination communications with the different departments involved in room constructions and renovations, providing preliminary and final drawings, and assisting with developing room designs that meet the needs of the technologies to be installed. Contact UTSS today to learn more about our Pre-planning and Layout services.




"A big THANK YOU to your team once again for coming through for us on such short notice......I sincerely appreciate it."


- Area Service Manager