New Installation

The National Leader in High Quality Mechanical Installations of Diagnostic Imaging and Monitoring Equipment


Since our beginning in 1999, United Technical Support Services has developed teams of engineers to complete the high quality and detailed equipment installations required for today's healthcare settings.  We provide regular, in-house training to our specialists, ensuring that they are knowledgeable on the more current technologies and equipment as well as safety regulations. This dedication to our staff and customers means that every installation project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Our teams often reside within the territory corresponding to the installation site, which helps keep customer costs down and satisfaction high. UTSS teams have a fleet of transportation/installation vehicles that are equipped with all of the necessary equipment and tools required to complete a variety of installations, for a variety of different vendors. When necessary, UTSS will utilize air transportation to get the installation teams and the appropriate installation equipment to customer locations.


UTSS can assure a timely arrival and completion of any installation that our customers require. Our Documented Zero Defect Policy along with direct client review and acceptance procedure assures clients that they are receiving the highest quality services delivered on time and on budget. UTSS is ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management principles.


The UTSS teams are fully equipped with all necessary installation tools and equipment, including but not limited to:





Blocking material

Certified Special tools such as torque wrenches

Installation materials

Power hand tools such as saws and drills


UTSS is the national leader in mechanical installations of diagnostic imaging and monitoring equipment and the Top Quality Contractor as rated by Siemens. Contact our offices today to learn how the UTSS team can help with your medical imaging equipment installation project.