About Us

Excellence in the installation of medical electronics and diagnostic imaging equipment


United Technical Support Services, Inc. (UTSS) seeks to provide all customers with Quality Solutions to Simplify Their Future. Founded in 1999 and specializing in the Installation and Rigging of Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Equipment domestically and internationally, UTSS has earned a reputation as one of the premier installation companies globally.


Customizing each solution to our Customer's unique needs ensures that UTSS provides maximum value


Our experienced staff is on-call working each day to ensure that hospitals and research facilities throughout the country benefit from top tier equipment and a seamless installation process.


With our employee count exceeding 130, UTSS has achieved global recognition and is excited to see what it can do for you.



Our Mission


United Technical Support Service, Inc. is committed to providing quality installation manpower for medical electronics and diagnostic imaging equipment. We bring integrity and quality to this critical function for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) throughout the United States.


The experienced and dedicated people at UTSS are proud to be an important adjunct to the healthcare profession while providing social well-being to our associates and long-term financial strength to our company.


Our Values


Accountability: The willingness to take responsibility for one's own actions. At UTSS this means the willingness to identify and admit our mistakes. When we are accountable for our mistakes, we are able to improve and take the necessary steps to avoid future errors.


Integrity: This is doing the right thing while no one is watching. Demonstrating integrity is of high importance at UTSS. We pride ourselves in being honest, upfront, and respectful always. This includes being honest even when the outcome might be challenging for the organization.


Quality: We pride ourselves on quality. Quality means ensuring customer satisfaction through clear communication, demonstrating high technical knowledge and achieving satisfaction when we go above and beyond.


Safety: We would not have our high level of quality if we did not focus on safety. Safety to us is ensuring that our employees and customers work in an environment that supports the overall well-being of our employees and our customers.


Professionalism: Professionalism at UTSS means having a high level of respect, strong ethics, positive outward appearance and demonstrating kindness toward each other and our customers.